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Behind the lens

The people that capture the moments

For us to tell these stories of incredible Western Australians, there has been a team of talented media specialists. 

Whilst there are many images through out this project here we highlight some the artists who have contributed their time, talent and efforts, purely to communicate these stories and inspire us all. 

Find out more about them; what drives them to do what they do and how they feel about the WA | we are Project.

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.

– Annie Leibovitz

Francine Cruz is a graphic designer, who also dabbles into the world of web design. Concept generation, creative thinking and technical executions are what  she bring to the table.

I live and breathe design, but when I'm not on the computer you'll find me exploring some traditional mediums such as painting and drawing.

Francine Cruz

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Sarah Shatila


Sarah Shatila


Nathon Webber





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