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The WA | we are Project was inspired by a Perth based psychologist who began an online project using Facebook and Instagram to share stories and images of refugees and then migrants who had settled in Western Australia. The project was named Young Refugees of WA.

Seeing her intellectual approach mixed with genuine care and compassion for all people was inspiring to the point that the WA | we are Project needed to continue her work. 

Her approach to deeper human connection was simply to share each other's story and for people to be seen. By capturing images supported by a short narrative observers were given the opportunity to see the similarities in other people's lives. The observer is also given the chance to reflect and consider the journey taken by other people who they may never meet. In doing so an empathetic connection can form, supported by a gentle sense of compassion.


Seeing the commitment that she had to developing these genuinely empathetic connections for people that we may never meet and her hope that that empathetic compassion wold spread was the underlining inspiration that drove and motivated this project.  

We are fortunate to have such talented people like her right here in WA who actively take steps to make the world even better. 

                          |  A Better World

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