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Session Outline

Session 1:

  • What are we good at?

  • What makes us feel happy?

  • How can we increase happiness, kindness and relaxation in our life?

  • How can mindfulness and visualisation help us sleep better at night?

Session 2:

  • How many different feelings can we have every day?

  • What are the physiological responses to worry, sadness, anger and fear?

  • How can we increase self-awareness and train our attention towards the positives?

  • What kinds of situations may contribute to various feelings?

  • How can we handle difficult situations with more flexibility?

Session 3:

  • Can we explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour?

  • What kinds of thoughts can help us home, at school, with peers and teachers?

  • How can our thoughts help try new things, deal with change and problem-solve?

Session 4:

  • How can we problem-solve at home, at school, with peers and teachers?

  • How can we stay calm in difficult situations?

  • Can we help mum or dad practice coping strategies at home and in environments outside of the home?

Session 5:

  • Can we identify more things we are good at and celebrate our success?

  • Let’s consolidate and share all of the skills and strategies we have learnt.

  • Take home Resilience Kit – a tangible reminder of resilience skills and strategies to apply in everyday life.

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